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Meet Dennis

Meet Dennis, a native of the Pacific Northwest, which means he actually knows how to enjoy a rainy day. He is the father of three grown children. He's been in ten foreign countries and driven through all but six states (he has yet to visit Hawaii!).

A graduate of Colorado Christian University, Dennis worked as a flight test mechanic at Boeing and helped build the first 767. Over the last 25 years, he has owned three businesses. He has been a professional keynote and motivational speaker for ten years, and he teaches the online course, Ultimate Bookwriting Guide: Write and Publish Your First Non-Fiction Book in a Matter of Months.

Dennis is the international bestselling author of Fumes and a Prayer: How to Live at the Edge and Still Be Home for Dinner.

Dennis Bauer's book is perfect to accompany your event

"I'm absolutely blown away by this book. I cannot express enough how fantastic of a read this was. You are an incredible writer!!!!" I loved the overall analogy of the flying vs. life (business, relationships, etc.) and also all of the anecdotes and stories along the way.”
- Melissa Jurcan,
CSEP Publicist and Event Manager
Here’s why this book, Fumes and a Prayer, is perfect for you and your audience!
With a background in aviation as a pilot, Dennis wrote this book to put into your hands the 3 Keys to be prepared for The Unexpected so you can handle it when it happens … and not crash and burn! These are lessons from the cockpit transferred to solutions for leaders, for business, and for life.
This book is for everyone who does anything involving risk … which is just about everything! Relationships, business, adventures … these keys promise to give you the best shot you’ve got at not only surviving your experience but also of coming out the other side soaring to new heights!


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Watch Dennis Bauer, bestselling author and keynote speaker, in front of 600 people at TOPS annual conference in Sacramento.
"How to Live at the Edge and Still Be Home for Dinner"

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Dennis is "funny, poignant, and inspiring all at the same time!" ~ Bob Ingram, President

Relationship Strategies University 


Keynote at the Castello di Amorosa, CA


In his classic "How to Live at the Edge and Still Be Home for Dinner," Dennis Bauer gives your audience secrets from a pilot's world to help be prepared for and handle The Unexpected... because when it happens, they don't want to crash and burn.


National Managers Association, Seattle WA


Members of your audience learn to stay calm when The Unexpected happens. "Experience matters!"


"YOU are AMAZING!" Event planners love conclusions like this!


Aviate + Navigate + Communicate... plus Grit!

Avoid a downward spiral, climb out of it, and SOAR to new heights! Event planners, audiences love this!


Audiences Respond

"Dennis is an excellent presenter and leader. I’ve had the privilege to see him in action with large audiences giving inspirational speeches as well as educational sessions. His engaging style and natural humor keep the audience in the moment and wanting more. The detailed pre-work for these events is evident in the resulting positive experience for the participants."

-Dan Proctor, Sales Consultant

"Dennis spoke at our (SHRM-Olympia) annual HR conference yesterday. He was engaging, energetic, and a joy to listen to and learn from! His stories and links to real-life situations engaged our audience consistently! His insights regarding how to handle unexpected situations utilizing the key phrases, AVIATE, NAVIGATE, and COMMUNICATE were easily understood and relatable. I truly look forward to working with him again! Thanks for making our conference a great success!"


-Jerame Johnson, Strategic HR Planner

"Great presentation!
Bauer was both interesting with
his subject, and funny ... and engaging!"


-Patrick Palmer, Business Owner

"Dennis has an uncanny ability to connect with any audience! Dennis Bauer delivers provocative content with his uplifting, motivational and inspiring presence."

-Linda Bown, Consultant

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